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Clarity Behavioral Health Group endeavors to provide evidenced-based care and treatment that clears the path for all those seeking to overcome their mental health challenges. We work daily with a variety of adult men and women from all walks of life to provide culturally-sensitive quality care that transcends the expected to deliver the exceptional. Our Clear Care Model has been designed to provide comfort and assurances that help individuals break free of the obstacles that once hindered their ability to seek care.



  • Help individuals live healthy and productive lives by providing the highest quality evidence-based care to overcome mental health disorders, including personality disorders, substance use disorders and process addiction disorders.
  • Erase stigma that often prevents individuals from seeking care.
  • Provide individuals with compassionate care and providers that represent the very best of the psychiatric profession.
  • Advance the understanding of the range of behavioral health issues.
  • Deliver convenient care that offers security and peace of mind.
  • Sustainably build our practice to serve a growing population with behavioral health needs.


We believe in the highest ethical standards of clinical practice and professional conduct.


We believe that behavioral health care should be delivered with supreme sensitivity. 



We believe in evidence-based care that focuses on patient-centered treatment decisions.


We are leaders committed to lifelong professional learning that keeps us at the top of our profession.


We believe in supporting our colleagues in the universal pursuit of compassionate mental health treatment.

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