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Getting Help Isn’t
Always a Clear Path


When struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse or other behavioral health disorders, we know it can be confusing to know where to turn for help. Understanding that challenge, we place our focus on quality care and treatment that is evidence-based but remains people-centered! That means we are cognizant in being responsive to our patients to provide them with everything they need to feel safe and comfortable when seeking treatment. 


Our Approach

We know that mental health concerns and substance abuse struggles can be mired in stigma which is why more than half of the people suffering with behavioral health issues sadly, do not seek help. There is also a misperception that mental health treatment is only talk therapy or overprescribing of medications. 

Our Clear Care Model


We’ve carefully structured our approach at Clarity Behavioral Health Group understanding there are real hurdles that prevent individuals from feeling their best. Our Clear Care Model is our proprietary approach that starts with the belief that good physical health starts with good mental health. Consequently, our team offers a variety of customized modalities to treat each patient. We offer tactful prescribing and strive to streamline our patient’s medication regimen. 


At Clarity Behavioral Health Group, you will find that the level of experience and training of our providers, combined with our concierge model of service, makes all the difference. We go above and beyond for our patients to exceed their expectations. 

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