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It's A New Day

Concierge, individualized treatment for mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and other behavioral health disorders.

The path toward hope for optimal mental health isn't always clear. The voices in our heads, the obstacles in our lives, and the traumas of our past cloud our thinking and obscure the truth. Yet clarity is out there. It is worthy of discovery.
We’re here to provide the clarity you’ve been seeking because once the clouds part, you’ll see that tomorrow really can be a New Day.


Mood Disorders

A pattern of feeling sad, hopeless, or irritable can signal a mood disorder. Both major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder can feel debilitating. Our team of mood disorder experts can bring their compassion and experience to help struggling individuals.

Clarity Behavioral Health Group provides evidenced-based treatment that clears the path for those seeking to overcome their mental health challenges.

Whether you are looking to initiate treatment or wish to resume care, Clarity offers a path toward hope with a team of advanced-trained psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Clients 16 years and older across Arizona can choose to be seen either in-person or through ClarityVirtual™️, our telehealth care option.

Clarity offers a range of concierge-level services including:

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